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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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the police department as well as brad rusy who is kepty city attorney. the 4 of us have met and discussed exactly what information we are collecting now and what we would be required to collect pursuant to the ordinance. having done that, there is areas such as arrest which we already know the break down of race and sex of everybody we arrest. as far as use of force included in there, we know that already also so we don't need to change existing systems to gather that. as far as traffic stops we have been doing it for years, gathering traffic stop data of the race, the reez frn the stop, whether they were searched several areas we track. the ordinance will require we gather more on
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traffic stops, such as what was the [inaudible] of occupants of vehicles and things like that. as far as the obligation to collect initial information we are not already collecting it is detentions and it is detentions that currently do not result in any paper such as a police report in the crime data ware house, citation. under our policy we are not always require today write a report and that maybe if you cut to the chase we have to figure how to track the data required in the ordinance in those type of incident and that is what we are currently working on. if you have any questions i'm happy to answer them. >> thank you very much for your
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brief presentation in support of the ordinance. i don't have questions at the time but see supervisor tangs name on the roster. >> thank you. i don't know if it is a question for the author of the legislation or lieutenant but as mart of the amendment page 3 line 19. we struck out [inaudible] one of my questions is why are we strake thg portion out about the officer allowing the ask the individual because there may be cases where the individual may be mixed race or not tell the race they are. i understand it may be offensive to ask however sometimes that they be the only time to get the most accurate information and the purpose of the legislation is collect accurate data and want to see the reason
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for that amendment was. >> typically when we stop somebody and unclear about race we go by the general aparence of the person which sin the language of the assembly bill. i don'ts think it is a issue for us to ask that question especially if it is documented in policy that we can ask the question. it is up to supervisor cohen and your board if you would like to do that, i don't think the police department would object to that >> thank you supervisor kim for raising that question. asia imag ine race is a sensitive subject in our country of course here in our city and it is-there are concessions that i made in drafting the legislation. i too would like to see it in the language in the body, but i also feel it is important that our legislation
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sync up with what is happening on the state level and currently that language isn't on the state legislation. perhaps there is a opportunity for [inaudible] legislation in some time. i'mope toon the conversation but i wanted to be respectful and thoughtful as possible. as of right now, for example if someone were to be detained or stopped and the officer identified the person as asian it is broad embrella. it doesn't speak to their cultural identity being chinies or fill filipino and the person can assert that during the part of the question that
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-the interview-what is it called, the field interview? there is really no synced answer i can give at that time. >> sorry. >> i would say that if we remain open and find there may be issues with the acrace of the data i appreciate supervisor cohen said we are open to potentially relooking at this because as i mentioned to her my partner gets confused for being latino and he is asian so in my own lifer i see just by looking at observation it may be inaccurate so that is all i get at. if we seek to collect data it should be correct. >> my apology for calling you supervisor kim. >> i'm fairly comfortable with it being broader and wider open
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than it is. i think we are trying to track behavior that is looking at people in a broad way and that is what we try to measure. if you are [inaudible] how a officer may interact with someone who is asian or white or black versus white, those are broad. we are trying to look at the initial appearance is what we try to address. i think if there is another thing that happens when there is a interaction with a officer and someone when they learn what their cultural or racial background is that can change behavior but the legislation is looking to do is what is the reaction that we want to be able to document and measure of interaction between a officer and the appearance of someone rather than what they
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say are and that appearance is what we try to be able to say is being measured and can be shared publicly about what the actions are, what the interaction is like based on appearance rather than what they say they are. >> i hear the feedback and happy to take a look at it and make additional amendments to it next week at the board. i do want to tell you this and free to take into consideration, i think asking someone how do they-what is their ethnicity and how they identify is a very simple question i think for every day people but when you add in the complex power structure sometimes that can make a person uncomfortable. you are
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right supervisor avalos, that is what we try to the capture so we can create a policy. i believe if you are not able to count and document it it doesn't count. this is just a struggle-this is exactly why we have removed language fwraum the transgender community asking din field interview what is your sexual orientation. we herds from the transjendser community that could be perceived as a violation and beepal can be uncomfortable or interpreted as a threft or different bias being put on them. it is sensitive, but i am as the maker of the ordinance i'm happy if you would like to work on crafting the language and incorporate and continue the conversation.
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>> i'm not inclined to do that at this point but think it is something that can be addressed later. i don't believe the accuracy of the determination of someones race is as important as what is the belief that the officer has in what that persons appearance is and what their race is based on appearance rather than what they say they are. >> sure, like i said it is very sensitive and if we can come up with a quick easy answer we would but will go back tothe drawing board and see what i can x up with for the next board meeting >> i'm happy to support this measure. i just wanted to bring that up but understand supervisor avaloss point that it is based on perception. i'm
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okay supporting this with the lajbage but if we notice there needs to be a change in the future revisit later. >> thank you. >> okay this item is now open for public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment. we oshave representatives from the sheriffs office here if you have anything to add. >> i don't think so at this point. >> sorry, you have to come- >> sorry. >> my name [inaudible] we were asked to come if you had questions and i'm happy to answer if you have any. >> okay, thank you. now this item is open for public comment. any member of the public like to comnlt? >> good afternoon supervisors and members of the rules committee. i'm adel [inaudible] director of youth commission. youth commissioners did hear this
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item at their monday youth commission meeting, monday july 20 and just want to drop off a letter detailing their response. i know supervisor cohen you mentioned they are very supportive of this effort to curb pretextual stops based on race and gender identity. unfochinately we were able to schedule this a little late to get it in your agenda packet so want to drop ufconfirmation and thank you supervisor cohen for your leadership on this issue. i noticed in the legislation it includes provisions for collecting information on age during detention and traffic stop squz think that is great. we do no knoe young people are sort of ilinclined to file reports with our office of citizen complaints so here
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issues anecdotally. it is hard to get a full picture going on between young people and police officers so we think this can go towards that. i didn't see the age piece was specifically included in the information that would be reported out to the police commission so i'm hoping that is something that if it isn't part of the report that something we can request to look at. not at all to undermine the original intention thorf ordinance, which is looking at how policing is effecting and happening in communities of color and effecting transgender people in san francisco, we think looking at age is important. thank frz the leadership on the issue. you supported it unanimously and like to know how they can continue to support your
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efforts. thank you very much. any other member of the public like to comment? seeing none we will close public comment and this is before us. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. i would like-did you take a motion on this? >> no, we need a motion to accept the amendment >> i would like to make a motion to accept the amendment >> i second that. >> thanks very much supervisor tang >> we take that without objection. so, the underlying legislation- >> the legislation just amended i appreciate if we move to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> second. >> we'll take that without objection. thank you very much and look forward to discussion with the full bode board about this. any other items? >> that concludes the agenda
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today >> okay then we are adjourned. thank you. . >> welcome it is an amazing day or what (clapping) 70th anniversary of u.n. and equal marriage in the united states i couldn't be a happier man
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thank you for joining san francisco's important role in the u.n. anniversary has joining us to decide the united nations free and actually 0 campaign i'm ribbing is the chief officer of the unthis is created by mr. ted turn to support the unit mobiles the expertise of civil society and the private sector to help to tackle the world's challenges i'm honored we can bring together an honored esteemed audience to support lgbt rights globally i want to acknowledge skeet and nancy pelosi and governor jerry brown mayor ed lee congress bruce from peru and member of paramount
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physique me from norway and charlotte for being here. (clapping.) >> i'd like to thank our fantastic lunch host committee that has been spiritual in planning this event stewart milks and cliff and joyce and charles radcliff (clapping.) at the looking towards the next generation of leadership certifying i didn't for mipgz camp to be here with us thank you for doing that as a young gay man grouping in the deep south of the united states i never thought i'd see the day the supreme court would legalize this my partner and i are here and overjoyed and hokd
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for lgbt rights in 76 countries same sex are criminalized in 7 some are permissible by death and institutionalized discrimination and attitudes exist across the world in all exacts of the folks lives in health care and education and jobs and monk families our goal today is to you honor the secretary generally so for the lgbt rights combroebl and r globally and to begin a campaign if you'll turn your attention to the monitors we have a brief overview of the campaign that will set the scene r scene today or on june the united nations human rights office launched on
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unprecedented global campaign to get rid of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders lgbt and sgrer sex people it's named free and equal in the past year more than a bloifz poem around the world have read or seen or heard the message of respect and acceptance millions have seen videos and the times on line and tv and buses and a at bus stations the first body music video was a human right video at the unthe world leaders have spoken to defend the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders and enter sex people celebrates have added
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their support excluding 9 champions have helped to spread the free and equal message on human right the power equal video was screened at the special event to the unmandates for the sgrl day free and equal inspired people to share their stories by the campaign and they've launched or planning free and equal campaigns events are take place in countries around the world including india and brazil and cambodia and mexico. around the world envies of us have spoken up in support of human rights lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders and enter sex people universal rights respect, acceptance equality a world
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that is free and is i couldn't tell. (clapping.) >> now i'd like to take advantage to introduce someone that needs no introduction in that room a public official time after time is a leader for san francisco for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders mayor ed lee. (clapping.) >> all right. we're just hopping aren't we well restrict thank you very much for this introduction and affordable of you for being in our great city and county of san francisco for a number of moments this morning
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i thought of so many people that are part of the movement in lgbt community our city harvey milk for years as many people aresociated with him and the things he's done the current leadership the city and the fact we have two strong gay men on the board of supervisors and our city is continuing to celebrate the diversity everywhere pushed the envelope to expand little table there's always and our dna always room for equality in our city and now with that momentumus decision by the supreme court we as a nation and city and xhubtd we move that much closer to equality without exception we'll have a a lot of work to do but today is about celebration but i need to set the tone we're
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going to get as mark said earl senator leno we'll there is still a lot more work to do was commonwealth didn't come handed to you on a piece of with the u.s. supreme courts name we've got to earn it and make sure all the easier of discrimination are freed freed up well i think today is again on the san francisco anniversary of our united nations charter and our city the k4rish9d that our united nations is a global instrument that continues to promote diversities and equality and acceptance around the world it is therefore appropriate for me to declare this today to be united nations charter day in san francisco. (clapping.) >> secretary general please come up and receive this
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xhivengs here. (clapping.) >> and, of course this may not get you're free parking in san francisco but if i may quote on the all whereas whereas today we prourld remember this in san francisco's history and remain committed to the principles and values that inspired the unchaertsdz creation including human rights and equality for all thank you (clapping.) >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> in so to speak of fight for equality it is my honor to introduce stewart milk and annette did i say your last name right stewart is not only the
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nephew of the late harvey milk who legacy in our city is cherished may i but made his rights as the co-founder and president of the harvey milk foundation and annette is the dpiven i beginning advice in a norwegian paramount for the foundational human rights for all people thank you to you to promote human right around the world. >> (clapping) and while they're here eastbound please eat as charlotte said quietlyly stewart and annette please koermd thank you (clapping.) >> i'm glad that the mayor got
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to pronounce annette's last night and not me i've known annette for seven years i still don't get the pronunciation right what on amazing historic day (clapping) >> you know a lot of people committed at the earlier ceremony not being able to dream of a day like today in fact, i think our good afternoon would we have thought of 5 years ago a day like today most of us haven't some asked me i don't know if i dreamed it to be today but there was one person that would have - one person by the way ann my buildings co-founder of the organization is with us, please join me and ann and i
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agree one person the death threat my uncle got on a daily basis reality formatted the edging he would be killed i knew those bullets what is your coming the reason he that the courage to go into work and continue to fight was because he dreamed of a day like today he dreamed of all of you being here celebrating of being free not only in san francisco but the united states and the globe he dreamed of a day and actively worked hard in the brief 11 months to give the belief that we might one day have an asian-american mayor in san francisco when he supported gordon allow to the point of the board of supervisors that's itself vision i lived that his life was worth where we got to
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today in terms of dreaming of today my uncle really had that belief we'd get here and he believed in all of you my experience with the uni have to point out really went from my work globally and with the foundation i'll tell you the one brief story i hope p which of you know i when i was 25 i was working on the we remember rights movement in the united states there was a woman a leader that accident the coloring conference on the women and she got up into a room very much like this in neuro rob kenya said if you come here because you want to help me and women and people of color go
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home we have nothing to do together and there was as much silence in that room as there was here and she said if such come here you understand your liberation is bound with mine let's work together that's the heart of the equal campaign (clapping.) leaders pelosi talked about the history of 37 years ago in city hauling haul that bust of my uncle takes away all my heartbreak when i quack in here he locations down on amazing events line and looking at leadership leader pelosi and all of those years a strong vibrant
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spreert (clapping.) president kennedy said as we've heard him one of my favorite quote and one of the things that really that inspired us creating the harvey milk metal was the president kennedy said community is really genocide on who they honor on who they recognize who they celebrate and so today it is really our great honor to celebrate someone at his core this message availability of who's who are marginalized and diminished obamacare who will not be included that's the heart of free and equal campaign a campaign that is not only where we have a crack in the door but the campaign that goes where that oppose is so small snow
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light coupling into the room i've been on the ground radio my brothers and sisters around the world and e-mails this morning when i got from asia from the mideast had me in tears people heard the supreme court decision and knew with we were doing with the u.n. and they have complete darkness now a ray of light (clapping.) please welcome handkerchief foundation board member since our inception and tremendous leader not just by the way in europe but annette travels the world speaking about equality (clapping.) >> thank you so much stewart as a member of paramount i'm so honored to be able